Strive for
Creativity and Innovation

Our team will work with our clients and customers to explore creative and innovative designs, methods, tools and solutions as a journey of learning and positive results at all levels.

Strive for
Creativity and Innovation

Our team will work with our clients and customers to explore creative and innovative designs, methods, tools and solutions as a journey of learning and positive results at all levels.

with Independent nature

Since 1999, have being connected with all 25 administrative districts, clients and partners from 27 countries, offering the most innovative multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural RCT services and solutions.

Individuals, SMEs & Organizations guided


RCT Solutions given over 20 years


Business Excellence awards achieved


Samantha S. Pathirathna

An award-winning entrepreneur, academic, management consultant with love for human dignity, nature and innovation. He displayed his entrepreneurial potential even in his childhood. A rare Sri Lankan with The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) award, winner of the United States - Sri Lanka Fulbright Scholarship and Fordham University ID in Humanitarian Assistance Scholarship.

Samantha possesses the tested competencies, and passion for entrepreneurship, project management, in areas such as women and youth empowerment, peace and reconciliation and ICT applications.

Currently a PhD Candidate, holder of Master of Business Administration -Management of Technology, Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development, Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic and Corporate Finance, Dip in Mass Communication 1st Class and B.Sc. Agriculture majored in Economics (Hons.) Degree.

Maheswary Vengadasamy

Our award-winning founder director, Maheswary has provided leadership to the growth and development of the company with her technical, interpersonal and leadership competencies. She has designed and facilitated a plethora of consultancy and training assignments in Sri Lanka and abroad. She is a multilingual Master Trainer and Senior Consultant. She has demonstrated how women with determination reach the heights of the professional and business world. She has held several national level consultancy positions prior to joining the government service. In 2002 She won the best Tamil medium ILO SIYB Master Trainer award for her training competencies.

She has completed the MA Development Studies, PGD in Development Studies, B.Sc. Agriculture Special Hons. She is also the recipient of many national and international training certifications. She is currently reading for her Post-graduate Diploma in Education at Open University of Sri Lanka.

Sanduni Jayathilake

Sanduni brings a rare combination of leadership, technical and financial competencies to manage a challenging business with a team of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural consultants. She is a Marketing and Management professional with experience working in Local, Multinational Private sector and Non-government organizations. Demonstrates excellent organizational, time management and fast learning skills to consistently meet deadlines. Thrives within complex and fast-paced environments. Recognized for strong communication skills, commendable work ethics and a team player. Having cross-sector experience and transferable skills bring out innovation and creative thinking.

Sanduni possesses a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Wales, UK, Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), UK, Degree from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, Project Management Professional (PMP), USA. She was selected to the Dean’s List of Edith, Cowan University, Faculty of Business and Law, Australia.2012.

Niruba Varnakulasingam

She is highly talented person with multi skills and multi languages. Prior to joining PASSAsia she has handled national level youth programme coordination and administration at the NYSC. She is currently reading for her HR Degree at ACCA. Niruba too began her career at a modest level and progressed rapidly in her career tree with commitment, dedication, integrity and enthusiasm. At present she is engaging with Research, Consultancy and Training work as an Associate Consultant with the team in addition to her regular tasks.

Mathurya Mahendranathan

A passionate young lady with a vision. Prior to joining with PASSAsia , she was a temporary lecturer for Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. She has completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology and Management & Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She is a very fast learner with a penchant for interaction with clients, and colleagues.

Shiromi Perera

Shiromi runs multi-tasks for PASSAsia as well as its other sister companies located in the same premises. She is a well -experienced team member dealing with a variety of clients and customers including customer care for international clients. She is fully committed to her work and her years of experience enable managing diversified and compulsory daily tasks within a short period of time.

A GLOBAL NETWORK Team of Virtual

We have a national and international network of 20 Senior Consultants, 30 Consultants and five Virtual Office Consultants in five countries together with 60 Survey Enumerators covering all 25 administrative districts in Sri Lanka. In addition, our strong and strategic relations with universities, business, government and non-governmental organizations, we will invite relevant experts for brief consultations.

Initial needs assessment, project designing, M&E planning, Baseline Study, Mid-term and Final Evaluations are our expert services for Government, NGO and private sector projects.


Needs assessment, project designing, M&E plan, Baseline Study, Mid-term & Final Evaluations are for Government, NGO and private sector projects.

When you are being trained on a new task you must first listen, respect and understand it, when you want to do it, you must challenge it, imagining the end result and learn many other things by yourself with the determination to achieve it.

Samantha Pathirathna

What we
Succeeded so far

PASS Asian Private Limited, Registration Number: PV 92275 is a globally acknowledged Sri Lankan Research, Consultancy and Training Firm.

We are one of the most innovative consultancy partners on Research Studies (including applied/operational research, participatory action research, desk research and action research), Baseline and Benchmark Studies, Feasibility Assessments, Surveys, Market Studies, Participatory Assessments and Participatory Planning Exercises, Organizational Strategy, Enterprise Modeling, Entrepreneurship, women and gender equity and empowerment, Business Process Outsourcing, ICT, Intellectual Capital, Project Management and HRM.

We partner with both business and development sectors to identify the highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform those organizations and projects “from Good to GREAT”.

We believe in building capacity through research, consulting and training to unleash human potential and community potential to develop Sri Lanka which is one integral service.

The firm originated in 1999 to meet the growing socio-economic developmental needs and efforts of the country and was established by a group of multi-disciplinary (Economics, Business, Sociology, Community Development, Management, HR, Psychology, etc.) and multi-cultural (representing Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities) academics and professionals in the field. PASS Asia provides innovative solutions for the private sector, NGOs, INGOs, government organizations, semi-government organizations, multilateral and bilateral organizations, CBOs and SMEs in Sri Lanka. In addition. PASS Asia has successfully completed several consultancy services to countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Core Values and Principles are;

  • Humanity
  • Creativity
  • Innovative
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity

Results of regular client and customer satisfaction survey results as a % on Technical standards & quality, Responsiveness, Integrity, Accountability and Customer satisfaction are presented right side of this column.

1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Technical Quality & Standards
4. Responsiveness
5. Overall Customer Satisfaction

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

PASSasia builds learning and development partnerships in research, consultancy and training with mutual benefits and win-win situations. It is more than just a business.

“We are proud that today you provide a consultancy service for Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradenya on e-education, one time you was a student of the same Faculty. We appreciate your willingness to support us beyond business formula and consider this as part of your contribution to develop the education system” Best wishes

Dean / Agriculture

We are thrilled to see PASSAsia’s progress with the qualitative research study data collection completed in Sri Lanka as our local consultant. They are super responsive, responsible and accountable with 100% integrity. Within agreed timeline all delivered. Now we are good consulting partners.


IRM Associates LLC, USA

Samantha and PASSAsia were wonderful to partner with. Hard-working, dedicated and highly skilled. I would most certainly work with Samantha and his team in the future.


Deakin University, Australia

Samantha and his team was able to provide us project designing, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning services and solutions with the use of latest mobile data collection technology. We are so proud to keep him on board his as a consultant.


Sarvodaya Sri Lanka

I had a great opportunity work with Samantha, his wife and PASSAsia team for several international consultancy assignments funded by JICA and implemented by Government of Sri Lanka. The capacity, quality and standards of PASSAsia is at very high level I am so impressed.



”PASSAsia is passionate and committed   in finding solutions in many fields ensuring sustainable change. Close partnership with clients, drawing expertise with cutting edge tools are the key strengths of PASSAsia for their quality deliverable & results.”


MEAL Specialist

It is very rear persons like Samantha and organizations like PASSAsia. I am so proud to be associated with him and the company to obtain services and solutions for number of my companies and organizations where I serve. We are now close friends and consulting partners.

Sudath _Artist

Art Way Group | HARIDE TV

In last many years Samantha and PASSAsia team is doing a wonderful work to support our work by doing independent project evaluations and staff capacity building training. We feel like he also in our Caritas family. Recently PASSAsia always introduced new M&E learnings for us.


Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC

Samantha and PASSAsia team were our Re-engineering consultants in 2012. The consulting partnership with PASSAsia is still worth for us. The capacity, competency, optimistic and practical problem solving ability of them is exceptional. We wish them a great success in their new cycle towards 2030.


Chairman – SLRCS

PASSAsiaCentral Office
Humanity-Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship to craft SOLUTIONS
PARTNERSHIPS & VIRTUAL OFFICESPartnerships with 27 Countries & 5 Virtual Offices
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We talk, teach and act towards responsible use of social media as a tool to enable achieving SDGs by 2030.

PASSAsiaCentral Office
Humanity-Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship to craft SOLUTIONS.
PARTNERSHIPS & VIRTUAL OFFICESPartnerships with 27 Countries & 5 Virtual Offices
GET IN TOUCHPASSAsia Social links
We talk, teach and act towards responsible social media use as a wise tool to enable achieving SGDs by 2030.

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